Powershell Direct An error has occurred which Windows PowerShell cannot handle

Powershell Direct Since the release of Server 2016 we can use the new feature called Powershell Direct. This cool feature allows you to start a Powershell Session direct to a Virtual Machine on your HyperV Host. Regardless of network configuration or remote management settings Powershell Direct can be used. Info… Read more »

How to install Active Directory in Windows Server 2016 (Building a Domain/Forest)


This is an Step by Step article about how to install Active Directory in Windows Server 2016. In other terms, we’re gonna build an active directory domain! In this case we are using 2 Virtual Machines (DC01 and DC02). The servers have both an internal Network Interface with the IP adresses… Read more »

Poor network performance on Hyper-V with Broadcom NIC’s


Set-up Dell R620 Windows Server 2012R2 Datacenter 4 Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit NIC’s Hypervisor Poor network performance on Hyper-V The network speed of the virtual machines on the Hypervisor was only around 10-12Mbit while the Hypervisor is connected to Gigabit internet. The Cause After some research, i found out this was… Read more »

AD User Info Exporter

AD User Info Exporter

To create an export of users in Active Directory is a common question which we get a lot these days. The are a lot ways to accomplish this but, the most common will be with Powershell. In Powershell you can use the Get-ADUser cmdlet to select properties you want and with… Read more »

Remote Desktop Services Manager Server 2012 R2

Remote Desktop Services Manager 2102 R2

On this page you will find our first home made tool for Windows Server 2012 R2 made by ServerKnowledge.NET. Remote Desktop Services Manager Server 2012 R2. Problem Our Helpdesk has limited rights, but do need to help users if they are stuck in their session. Since we are upgrading our… Read more »

Disable UAC using Powershell

Export overview of last login users with Powershell

Disable UAC using Powershell One of the most annoying things in Microsoft Windows is UAC (User Account Control). Especially when your working on a domain-joined server. Each time, you’ll have to run Powershell for example as Administrator. Something like changing your hostfile, isn’t possible unless you’ll start Notepad as Administrator… Read more »

Disable IE ESC (Internet Explorer Enhanced Security) with Group Policy (GPO)


Problem: IE ESC is default enabled on every server in my domain Each time i create a new environment for a customer, one of the first things i will do, is disable the IE ESC (Internet Explorer Enhanced Security) via Group Policy (GPO). Because 99% of the customers have an… Read more »

IDRAC – Either virtual media is detached or Virtual Media redirection for the selected virtual disk drive is already in use.


Error: “Either virtual media is detached or Virtual Media redirection for the selected virtual disk drive is already in use.” I’ve seen this error a few times now, as we use most of the time Dell servers. When i tried to mount an ISO in IDRAC, and pressed “mapped”, i… Read more »